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About Dr. Mohammad Motahar...

  • Mohammad Motahar is an experienced ERP consultant with international experience across a range of sectors and industries. Such experience includes collaborating with top ERP leaders in different sectors in Europe, Asia and Australia.

  • Mohammad Motahar holds Ph.D in Computer Science from National University of Malaysia (UKM) in Collaboration with United Nations University of Japan, International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH). His research interest is related to critical success factors of ERP implementation projects with the focus on training, consultation and mentoring. As an academic researcher, he is conducting ongoing research on ERP systems and their adoption in different vertical industries and how to simplify the implementation process for power users.

  • He was selected by the UN as a top ERP global expert to develop and conduct funded ERP training courses for consultants of developing countries at United Nations University. He has over 15 years professional experience in enterprise software engineering and implementation of Business Information with experience of using Microsoft technologies as well as various open source frameworks and programming tools and platforms.

  • Motahar has experience of providing functional and technical ERP training courses to different audiences ranging from end users and power users mainly from accounting and finance department of companies to university professors of information systems and technical and functional consultants in software companies flying from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand and Saudi Arabia to attend the course.

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